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CANYON 2.4Ghz wireless mice, 4 buttons, DPI 800/1200/1600, dark gray pearl glossy

Wireless Mouse for Windows and Mac

This mouse is a real cross-platform device: it can work with different Windows and Mac OS computers and its switchable resolution between 800/1200/1600 DPI allows you to work on multiple screens - big and small ones. It’s form-factor is universal for both left and right hands and durable buttons can handle over 3 mln clicks. The mouse has long-lasting performance working on 2 AAA batteries. The universal soldier mouse for your daily work!

• Switchable resolution: 800/1200/1600 DPI
• Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
• Handles over 3 mln clicks
• 2 AAA batteries included
• Long-lasting performance
• 3 buttons and a scrolling wheel


CANYON Keyboard CNS-HKB6 (Wired USB, Slim, with Multimedia functions, LED backlight, Rubberized surface), US layout

Illuminated multimedia keyboard CNS-HKB6 (Wired USB, Slim, with Multimedia functions, LED backlight, Rubberized surface)

This keyboard has illuminated keys characters to make typing more easily, even in the dark. Keystrokes is comfortable and quiet, rubberized surface is soft and velvet for the touch. Membrane keys type provides resistance against dirt and liquids. Ergonomic design is good for wrists as it gives the wrist and arm a natural alignment. This multimedia keyboard is designed to make often-used programs of simple use; it has special keys to access music control, calculator and more keys for other frequently used programs. Illuminated multimedia keyboard is quite a fun!

Hot keys function:
Email Starts the default e-mail program.(PRESS FN+F10)
WWW Start the default Web browser or go to the Home Web page (PRESS FN+F9)
My favorites Opens the Internet Explorer Favorites page.(PRESS FN+F12)
My computer Opens “My Computer”
Calculator Starts Microsoft Calculator
Play/pause Switched playing and pausing media. Once paused, press this button again to resume play. (PRESS FN+F7)
Stop Stops playing the media. (PRESS FN+F8)
Increase volume Increases the computer’s sound volume by a big wheel
Decrease volume Decreases the computer’s sound volume by a big wheel
Mute Turn off the computer sound
Next track Switches to the next media track. (Press FN+F6)
Pre-track Switches to the previous media track.(PRESS FN+F5)
Backlit Backlit on/off
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